29/10/2014 12:50 GMT | Updated 20/05/2015 10:12 BST

Woman Gets Catcalled 108 Times In One Day (Yes, Really)

Meet Shoshana Roberts, the woman who got catcalled 108 times in one day without saying a word.

Catcalling (just to clarify) is when a man wolf-whistles or yells some pervy, completely inappropriate comment to get a woman's attention. It's often done out of a car window, from some form of scaffolding or any public vicinity that said male feels the urge to express himself.

We've all been there, but 108 times is just ridiculous. This is a pretty shocking snapshot of everyday sexism and it needs to stop, now.


As an experiment, which sought out to demonstrate just how extreme street harassment is today, Roberts was filmed by her boyfriend, Rob Bliss, walking the streets of New York in black jeans and a t-shirt for 10 hours straight to see how often she got catcalled.

She's told to smile, told she's beautiful and is asked, "If I give you my number would you talk to me?"

Roberts is also followed by a stranger who says nothing for five minutes, until another dude says "God bless you mami. Damn. DAMN!"

Watch this video to see exactly what happened.

Unbelievably intimidating, isn't it?

The video was part of an awareness campaign for Hollaback, a movement to end street harassment by attempting to understand it better and to start public conversations around it. Find out more here.

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