Assassin's Creed Unity As 'Played' By David Attenborough, Schwarzenegger, Alan Carr And Morgan Freeman

Attenborough Plays Video Games With Morgan Freeman... Kinda

If you've ever pondered whether David Attenborough, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Alan Carr and Morgan Freeman ever get together online to play co-op Assassin's Creed, then the answer - we're sad to say - is no. Nope. Not even once.

That said, if you've ever wondered what such a thing might be like - or at least whether a promo comedy video speculating on that score might be funny - we have the answer. Yes. Yes it is funny.

Ubisoft put this clip together ahead of next month's release of the multiplayer-focused Assassin's Creed Unity, and we have to admit, we laughed.

Take a look at DavidAttenbro, MorganF Da Man, SchwarzeKiller and ChattyManAl69 navigating Paris in only the way that four celebrities voiced by Terry Mynott can.

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