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Halloween Fun: Step-By-Step Guide To Carving Your Pumpkin

Halloween fun: Step-by-step guide to carving your pumpkinGetty

Getting ready for some frightfully good fun on October 31st? Don't forget to pick up a pumpkin. Zippo, maker of a handy candle lighter to stop you burning your fingers has given us some top tips for the perfect carved pumpkin this Halloween....

You will need:

A pumpkin


A marker pen

Cut-out stencils (optional)

Sharp knife/spoon

Candle lighter

Small tea-light candle

What to do:

1. Place a pumpkin flat on its bottom, on a flat surface, so the stem is at the top.

2. Draw a circle around the stem with a marker pen, making it large enough to fit your hand through.

3. Cut around the outline with a long, sharp knife until you cut around the whole of the stem.

4. Lift the newly made lid and remove the flesh of the pumpkin with a spoon. Don't waste it - make delicious soup with our easy recipe.

5. Rinse the interior to clear out the remaining flesh.

6. Draw your design on the front of the pumpkin with a marker or draw around an already made template.

7. Insert the tip of your knife into the lines drawn and begin carving your design.

8. Once the carving is complete, you can place a candle inside the pumpkin and light it.

Giving it a go? Take some piccies and share them on our Facebook page.

Happy Halloween!

How to Carve Pumpkins for Halloween