30/10/2014 07:34 GMT | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

How School Is Helping My Daughter

When my daughter started her middle school in September, I was very worried she wouldn't get any help and support and become lost in a class of 30. Even though she has severe Global Delay development and Gene 16p 11.2 micro duplication that both effect the way she learns, she hasn't as yet got a statement of educational needs.

Today I received a letter that shows me how proactive the school actually is when it comes my daughter. You see they realised she wasn't coping when it comes to PE with the noise and crowds. So they decided that she will do her own PE lesson with two other children.

Then in lessons she isn't coping with being in the class so they tried her with a pair of headphones to block out the noise, helping her concentrate more. Plus she is going to be doing a differentiated curriculum in certain areas. I know this is all going towards helping my daughter so much.

This is all helping to shape my daughter's future. I can't thank the school enough for being so proactive and stepping in to help my daughter. Also to my daughter's previous TA and teachers who put a lot of effort with my daughter to help give her a solid foundation in her schooling life.

Both of my children are wishing away their childhood at the moment - they're at the in-between age where they want to be older so they can be more independent and do new things but at the same time they're not ready to let go of some of their childhood cuddly toys.

My daughter, who loves to play dress up, experiment with her make up and style her hair to within an inch of it's life, always reaches for her favourite teddy when she's tired or feeling the need for a cuddle from him for whatever reason.

Whenever we go anywhere that involves a night away or she goes on a sleepover, I can guarantee that Benji will be tucked in her bag - even if he's hidden in the bottom if she's feeling like she doesn't want to let people know that he's with her. He's always cuddled up in bed with her when she's not feeling 100% or when she's worried about something and I know he's just a cuddly dog but he makes her feel better when she needs it and every child should have something like that.

My son is the same, except he has his own family of cuddly monkey toys who have more pillow space than he does on his bed.

I'm supporting Ikea's Soft Toy for Education campaign which they're running again this year. For every soft toy and children's book sold in Ikea until the 4th January, they're going to be donating 1 Euro to support children's education around the world through Save the Children and UNICEF.

So please, if you're in Ikea in the next couple of months, buy a soft toy or a book and lend your support to a very worthy campaign, as well as giving your child a friend like Benji.

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