The World's Thinnest Smartphone Is Too Thin For Headphones

Saying that the Oppo R5 is the world's thinnest smartphone is one thing, but actually seeing it for yourself and realising what that means, is something else entirely.

It's so thin in fact that it now can't fit one of the smartphone's basic requirements: a headphone jack.

Instead, the Oppo uses either a USB-to-3.5mm adaptor or a tiny Bluetooth dongle into which you plug any pair of headphones, making them wireless.

Despite being so thin, Oppo hasn't skimped on specs. It has a massive 5.5-inch Full HD AMOLED display, runs Android and comes with an eight-core processor.

If you look along its body you'll see something of an anomaly, and that's the 13MP Sony-made camera. On the front there's a 5MP wide-angle camera for selfies and the like.

According to Oppo the R5 has been built using a special phase-shifting material which allows the R5 to effectively dissipate the heat, despite everything being so tightly packed together.

There's no word on whether Oppo's ultra-thin 'phablet' will be launching in the UK but its already been confirmed for the US with a $499 price tag.