Deadline App Uses HealthKit To Predict Your Death

Deadline is an app designed to do one thing: terrify you into living a healthier life by showing you when you'll die.

How does it work? Well this is the unsettling bit: as well as the usual quiz questions it actually uses Apple's HealthKit data.

So while it's reportedly the same normal algorithm that you'll find in most of these death prediction apps - when were you born? do you smoke, etc etc - it is actually using some credible sources to figure out the date from which your toes will point up.

Where Deadline sets itself apart from the competition is how it keeps you informed beacuse lo and behold, this app takes full advantage of iOS 8.1 by using a widget.

That's right, every time you pull down the notification centre you're going to be greeted with the world's worst countdown clock.

Of course there is a glimmer of hope. Because the app uses the HealthKit data you can actually change that date by living a healthier life. Start running, eat more fruit and you'll start to see it change. Well that's something at least.

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