31/10/2014 07:15 GMT | Updated 31/10/2014 07:59 GMT

'Fifty Sheds Of Grey: Three In A Shed' Spoof Trailer Completes Parody Trilogy Of Garden Erotica (VIDEO)

Here it is, then, the hotly anticipated antidote to that OTHER erotica film trailer, complete with power lube, dripping hoses and a very steamy shed.

We have the official teaser trailer for 'Fifty Sheds of Grey: Three in A Shed', the pulsating climax in the bestselling trilogy of spoof books.

Could it GET any hotter in there?

Disclaimer: 'Fifty Sheds of Grey: Three In A Shed' by C. T. Grey is not prepared, authorised, licensed, approved, or endorsed by any person or entity involved in the making of E. L. James’ 'Fifty Shades of Grey'.

If, after all this excitement in the garden, you need to calm down with a far more sedate trip to the cinema, 'Fifty Shades of Grey' will be on release from 14 February 2015.

You can follow the phenomenon on Twitter at @50ShedsofGrey

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