31/10/2014 07:22 GMT | Updated 20/05/2015 06:12 BST

Grieving Dad Makes Deceased 13-Year-Old Daughter's Dream Come True

YouTube/Theresialyceum Tilburg

A grieving father whose 13-year-old daughter died following a bicycle accident is trying to make one of her biggest dreams come true.

Niek van Keulen has shared a beautiful video of his daughter Anna van Keulen playing the Downton Abbey theme tune on the piano, in a bid to fulfill her wish to become famous.

Anna died from injuries she sustained during a bike accident on her way to school in the Netherlands on October 16.

Twelve days later, on Tuesday October 28, Niek uploaded the video of Anna playing the piano to YouTube and sent out a tweet asking people to watch the clip to help Anna become famous.

The video quickly went viral and within three days it had been viewed nearly two million times.

A day after sharing the video Niek tweeted (according to Google translate):

"It's overwhelming ... thanks all. Anna's goal is reached: she's famous."

As the video gained more and more attention, Niek started to receive requests to appear on local TV and radio shows, but the heartbroken father has declined to speak to the press as he wants the focus to remain on his daughter rather than himself.

"Dear journalists: please stop calling," he tweeted. "I do not want [to be] on radio or TV, it's not about me, it's about Anna. Thank you."

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