31/10/2014 08:12 GMT | Updated 20/05/2015 06:12 BST

Katy Perry's Flamin' Hot Cheeto Halloween Costume Is Insane

Katy Perry took fancy dress to a whole new level for Kate Hudson's annual Halloween party in LA on Thursday night.

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Think top-to-toe orange, think Flamin' Hot (human) Cheeto because food-themed costumes are just the best.


Now this is the kind of Halloween effort that we applaud. Check that Cheeto shell, the orange lycra catsuit, the high tops and the colour co-ordinated nail polish and lipstick.

As for the custom-made Cheetos handbag? Is it wrong that we *really* want one?

While all eyes were on Katy's cheesy ensemble, a few other celebs also turned heads at Kate's bash. Courteney Cox arrived with her fiancé Johnny McDaid dressed up as some zombie maiden bride in a white dress, blonde pigtail wig and some pretty impressive face paint.


Then there was Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale as Dracula and his Bride who looked completely killer in their leathers. Man, they're a good looking couple.


But it was the hostess herself who really nailed the sexy Halloween costume thing.

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Kate posted these pics on Instagram, and yes that 'Mother of Anarchy' in the middle is her mama Goldie Hawn.

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