The OM/ONE Bluetooth Speaker Literally Floats In Mid-Air

This Speaker Literally Floats In Mid-Air

Bluetooth speakers are almost entirely boring.

Yes, they're neat if you've never owned one before. And yes they fulfil a useful function. But they're essentially a commodity item at this point, as cheap or as expensive as you want them to be, and most of the time indistinguishable except at the very high end.

But now some of them float in mid-air. So that may be changing.

The OM/ONE is a new Bluetooth speaker which literally levitates.

The speaker has a magnetic base that repels the speaker and allows it to float. It also charges the orb and other devices like a normal wireless charger.

The 3.6-inch speaker also includes a microphone, has a range for wireless sources of about 10 metres and is powered by a "finely tuned" 75mm audio driver.

This is how the designers pitch it:

"OM/ONE makes the impossible possible by effortlessly defying gravity. It is elegant and meticulously engineered. We carefully considered every detail of OM/ONE to make it as beautiful as it is functional. OM/ONE belongs in any room on any surface.

The OM/ONE orb is designed to fit comfortably in the palm of your hand and has build quality equal to the best products you already own. We hope that you will enjoy OM/ONE as much as we enjoyed developing it.

OM/ONE is available in jet black, glacier white, and disco ball."

You can back (and essentially buy) the idea on the OmOne website now for $179, which shipping "estimated" for the end of 2014.


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