03/11/2014 05:57 GMT | Updated 20/05/2015 06:12 BST

Natasha Hamilton Turns Her Placenta Into Nutrition Pills


Natasha Hamilton has revealed she has had her fourth baby's placenta made into nutrition pills to support her breastfeeding.

The Atomic Kitten star, who gave birth to Ella Rose - her first daughter with Ritchie Neville – in September, said she had the placenta made into capsules because she believes in their nutritional value while she breastfeeds.

Natasha, who already has sons Josh, 12, Harry, ten, and Alfie, four, told MailOnline: "If it was me chopping up my placenta and eating it, I would be violently ill.

"But I had it made into pills, it cost me £175 and it's best money I ever spent.

"I would have been taking some kind of breastfeeding supplement anyway so why not take something natural?"


It's believed that nutrients passed from the mother to her baby while in the womb via the placenta stay locked in after the child is born.

Many new mums eat the placenta after they've given birth: the raw placenta can be turned into a smoothie or cooled and tuned into pills and taken as nutritional supplements.

Natasha added: "I have been feeling fantastic and breastfeeding has never been easier, so whether it's all just in my head or not I think it's working."

Now Natasha said she wants a fifth child and revealed that she and Ritchie have been discussing marriage. However, they want to wait to tie the knot until Ella is old enough to be a flower girl at the wedding.

Natasha said: "We have talked about it a lot, I know what kind of wedding I want and we both agree that we want to wait. We want Ella to be a flower girl and have some kind of memory of the day her parents get married. I also want one more child."

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