Space Hoax: 9 Ridiculous Things People Still Think Are True About Space

9 Totally Insane Hoaxes People Still Believe About Space

Over the last week we've noticed one thing above everything else in our weekly traffic reports: a lot of you are still googling that whole 'Six days of darkness!' rubbish that NASA was forced to deny last week.

And it's not the only ridiculous space hoax that exists out there in the wastes of the internet.

In fact if there's one thing to know about space, it's that whatever you're reading it's probably wrong. That's how space works. It's wrong until it isn't, and then it's right until it's wrong again.

Also, some people are bonkers.

Here are our favourite (or most annoying) space hoaxes, with links to places where you can prove they aren't true.

'The International Space Station Doesn't Exist'

Awful (But Resilient) Space Hoaxes


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