04/11/2014 18:00 GMT | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Stop Bullying: 10 Tips For Children Who Are Being Bullied

10 tips for children who are being bullied

If your child is being bullied, or you think they might be being bullied but have not spoken to you about it, here are some tips to pass on from our partner, BeatBullying.

1. Talk to your parents or a trusted adult so that they can help you to sort it out.

2. Try and keep a record of:
- Where and when you are bullied
- How you are being bullied
- Who is bullying you
- Who, if anybody, witnessed the bullying including who stuck up for you or encouraged the bullies
- Any evidence of bullying (e.g. damaged property and/or clothing and copies of any nasty notes/letters).

3. Try not to isolate yourself. Stay around friends or in places that are public or well supervised by staff

4. If the bullying happens in a certain place try your best to avoid that place. Eg, if it happens in the school toilets, find a different toilet block to use.

5. If the bullying happens on your journey to or from school think about different ways to get to school if possible.

6. Can you take a different bus? Could you meet up with friends before the point where the bullying happens? Where possible ask your parents for help with this

7. Walk away from potential bullying situations and stay calm.

8. If you are worried about physical bullying run towards a public place or into a shop; talk to the shopkeeper and make sure people see you.

9. If you are physically attacked, try to run away. If that is not possible make yourself as small a target as possible, protecting your face with your arms around your head, and keep shouting for help.

10. If you are injured or things are going missing, go to your parents or a trusted adult to tell them what has happened to you.