'The Future Starts Here' Season Two, Episode Three: 'Robots, Botox & Google Glass', Watch It Now!

If you try and picture the future, there are a set number of things that will immediately appear in your head: flying cars, space travel and, humanoid robots.

It's the holy grail of robotics and yet it's also something that human nature inherently can't stand. Known as the 'uncanny valley', it's the chasm between the stage we are now, and the humanoid creations we see in the films.

In episode three of her groundbreaking web show The Future Starts Here', acclaimed filmmaker and creator of the Webby Awards, Tiffany Shlain looks at the achilles heel of modern robotics: trust.

Exploring why we hate lifelike creations is just one part of her journey as she looks into how that same level of distrust carries over into other aspects of technology like adverts that are tailored to you, or Google Glass.

Check out episode three, above. Check every week for new episodes until December.