John Oliver Predicts The Robot Apocalypse In Home Depot

John Oliver Hates Robot Store Assistants

Last Week Tonight has, quite frankly, taken over our evenings. As if The Bugle and the Daily Show weren't enough, John Oliver has created another outlet from which he verbally destroys current news and events.

This week's is an absolute stormer, not least because it's about robot store assistants, in fact that's mostly why it's a stormer.

Oliver targets the Lowes DIY store after it announced it would placing robot store assistants into one of its stores.

This is -- of course -- a terrible idea. Thankfully Oliver is on hand with a couple of friends who turn out to be Nick Offerman (Parks & Recreation) and H. Jon Benjamin (Archer/Bob's Burgers).

What follows is Oliver's own hilarious slant on a Home Depot retaliation advert that ultimately, spirals completely out of control. Enjoy.

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