Virgin Galactic Crash Results In 20 Cancelled Tickets To Space

About 20 people have cancelled their tickets aboard Virgin Galactic in the wake of last week's fatal crash.

While some of those scheduled to fly on the craft have come to Sir Richard Branson's vigorous defence, others are not convinced.

A ticket on the space craft costs currently around $250,000, though in the past tickets have been offered for less.

Celebrities including Tom Hanks and Justin Bieber are known to have tickets, as well as scientist Stephen Hawking.

Virgin Galactic maintains even as the investigation continues that it will refocus on taking paying customers to space.

"For Virgin Galactic, everything rests on our vision of creating accessible and democratized space that will benefit humanity in countless ways for generations to come. Like early air or sea technologies, the development is not easy and comes with great risks," it says on its website.

"But our team of more than 400 dedicated engineers and technicians are committed to realizing the potential of this endeavor. From research, to travel, to innovation, we believe that the technology our industry is pioneering is crucial to the advancement of humanity.