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Jamie Oliver: 'With Four Kids, You're Only Ever 30 Seconds From Anarchy!'

Jonty Davies/Red

Jools Oliver may not be impressed by star-studded film premieres, TV spots and glitzy parties, but she does have a weakness for one celebrity - One Direction teeny-bopper heart throb Harry Styles.

"I don't go to anything," she reveals to Red magazine in her first joint cover interview with husband Jamie. "Unless it's One Direction. I once took Daisy to sit outside [Harry's] house after school. We sat there for ages in the car, and got really excited when he came out."

But Harry Styles stalking aside, Jools shuns Jamie's celebrity pals in favour of old mates. "I just like being with family and friends," she says.

She recalls the time Jamie was asked by Jennifer Aniston to cater for Brad Pitt's 40th birthday. For most people, hobnobbing with Jen and Brad would be a dream come true - but for limelight-shy Jools, it was more like a nightmare.

"Jamie was doing the dinner, so I had to sit and socialise with Brad and Rachel and Monica," she shudders, so removed from the world of celebrity that she still calls Jennifer and pal Courteney Cox by the names of their Friends characters.

"I was so embarrassed, I didn't know what to say. Brad had just done Troy and was taking his top off to show me his abs. From that moment on I just kind of took a step back from it all, it was all too much."

A family woman through and through, Jools is keen for more children, telling Red that it would be 'amazing' to have twins. Jamie and Jools are already parents to Poppy, 12, Daisy, 11, Petal, 10, and four-year-old Buddy.

Jonty Davies/Red

Jools admits that she would prefer it if Jamie - whose healthy school meals campaign has cracked the US in recent years - was able to work less, but that she is now 'used to it.

"And to be honest, if I want to know what he's up to I can just look at his Instagram," she jokes.

Her Little Bird range of children's clothes for Mothercare has meant that she has been busy recently, too. The mum-of-four reckons that working part-time has been the ideal balance between embracing motherhood and remaining challenged as an adult.

"I think happy women are the ones who have got a bit of both – who are neither full-time workers nor full-time mums, but get to interact with adults instead of just talking gobbledegook [to their kids].

"I don't mind being a mum, I don't mind being seen as Jamie's wife. But it is nice to have a job and see something through and think you've done well."

Despite raising four young children, their snaps on Instagram are always a picture-perfect image of home life - but the two admit that there is complete chaos behind the calm of the camera:

"We go to the beach and take a really good picture, but two seconds later one of the kids is crying, another is having a tantrum – we always laugh at what goes on behind the scenes of Instagram," says Jools.

"Yeah, with four kids you're only ever 30 seconds away from anarchy," says Jamie. "I'd say 15," Jools corrects. "Maybe 10," concedes Jamie.

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Jonty Davies/Red