ISS Astronauts Return To Earth Safely After 165-Day Mission (PICTURES)

For the entire five months they lived 400km above Earth in the International Space Station, astronauts Alexander Gerst and Reid Wiseman shared their breathtaking view on Twitter.

After a 165-day mission that included hundreds of scientific experiments and several spacewalks Russian cosmonaut Maxim Suraev and Astronauts Alexander Gerst and Reid Wiseman landed safely by Soyuz capsule near the town of Arkalyk in northern Kazakhstan.

During their time aboard the ISS the crew participated in the following research: Earth remote sensing, advanced manufacturing, studies of bone and muscle physiology setting a milestone for station science by completing a record 82 hours of research during a single week in July.

Wiseman and Gerst also completed their first ever spacewalks during their time on the ISS, sharing some truly amazing selfies.

ISS Atronauts Return To Earth

Take a look at Alexander Gerst and Reid Wiseman's photos shared on Twitter from the ISS...

Space imagery from the ISS