11/11/2014 15:28 GMT | Updated 20/05/2015 10:12 BST

Parents Plan To Bill Striking Teachers' Union For Loss Of Earnings And Childcare Costs

A hand dwritten notice on a school declaring the schjool to be closed. hundreds of schools around the UK closed due to adverse winter weather conditions incluindg freezing temperatures adn heavy snowfalls.

Parents are planning to invoice the National Union of Teachers for loss of earnings and childcare costs when teachers go on strike in support of a suspended teacher who has been on full pay, despite not teaching for 14 years.

Around 3,000 pupils face disruption from the walkouts next Wednesday and Thursday (Nov 19/20) is support of NUT representative Julie Davies – who will lead the strike.

The 58-year-old was released full-time from teaching duties in 2000 for union activities, while still picking up her £35,000 a year pay from the local authority - totalling almost £500,000.

Ms Davies, whose Twitter profile describes her as a 'Teacher, union rep. Daily Mail reader (like most psychokillers)', was suspended after head teachers in the London borough of Haringey accused her of 'confrontation', 'obfuscation' and encouraging 'a climate of mistrust'.

A parent told the Telegraph: "It is completely unacceptable. We are paying this woman to disrupt our children's schooling and the lives of their hard working parents.

"She is using these strikes to pursue her own personal agenda, having been outed by headteachers for the disruptive influence that she is.

"Schools should be filled with people who have the best interests of the children at heart, she is more worried about herself.

"Many of us will lose pay because we will have to stay at home and look after the kids, while others will have to fork out for childcare. We will be billing the NUT."

The High Court last month threw out her claim that the council does not have the power to suspend her from her job as a full-time qualified assistant teacher in 1992.

The NUT branch organised strike action at Highgate Wood and Fortismere schools, where nearly all lessons were cancelled last Thursday (Nov 6). Additional walkouts are planned at the two schools on Wednesday and Thursday next week. Statements on, a website supporting the union rep, claim Haringey has 'behaved disgracefully'.

The website adds: "Julie's suspension is not related to any real disciplinary offences but is actually a device to discredit her and force her out of her job.

"Managers and employers will never have the right to choose who represents union members.

"The union is currently backing a wave of strikes in schools and is pursuing a trade union victimisation claim against the council."