Playing 'Halo' Makes You More Intelligent

Playing Games DOES Make You More Intelligent

A study seems to have finally proven the theory that playing action games like 'Halo' can make you gooder at thinking and stuff like that.

The new study appears to show that those who regularly play fast-paced action games like 'Halo', 'Call of Duty' and 'Titanfall' are better prepared to learn new skills which is good because it's good to think good.

The study -- carried out by a group of researchers at the University of Rochester -- found that the brain will often try to predict the outcome of a situation.

To increase the speed of the prediction, the brain will create multiple 'templates', outcomes where it knows there's a high-probability of success.

The better the 'template' the faster our brain can predict and the faster we can learn something.

It was found that those who play fast-paced action games were able to construct templates faster and to a higher degree of accuracy than those who don't.

To test the theory they took a sample group of those who regularly play action games and those who play non-action games. In terms of visual performance, the action gamers surpassed the non-action gamers.

They then got a group of people who had never really played video games, they then got half the group to play 50 hours of 'Call of Duty' a week and the other half to play 50 hours of 'The Sim's.

It was found that those who played 'Call of Duty' significantly outperformed the non-action gamers when it came to visual performance proving that just a short period of time playing action games can result in better 'templates'.

The team are now working on the specifics, finding out what specific parts of an action game are causing the brain to learn faster.


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