11/11/2014 16:35 GMT | Updated 20/05/2015 10:12 BST

Work-Life Balance: What's The Secret To Making It A Success?

From getting ahead in your career to sticking to a diet, success means different things to different people. As many of us place wellness and happiness over salary and status, our perception of modern day values has changed too.

Research shows nearly a third of Brits rate a good balance between work and home life as the single most important factor in leading a successful life. Only 10VIRTUAL-ArticleSidebar-wellness23FFEB00&videoControlDisplayColor=%23191919&shuffle=0&isAP=1"> Successful Women Say Men Shouldn't Be Intimidated

While Calgary inspires others with her superfood recipes and workout tips on her Vogue column, who does she look to for inspiration? Women.

"Anyone who has something to say, even if it's something that people don't like, and stick to it," she says.

"Someone like Nicola Mendelsohn, for example, who's super successful in business but has stuck to her personal beliefs about the way she wants to live her own life outside of work so she can spend time with her child – that's inspiring. I also met Arianna Huffington recently and was really impressed by her. I've also read Sheryl Sandberg's latest book recently, which left me feeling really inspired."

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