12/11/2014 05:55 GMT | Updated 20/05/2015 06:12 BST

Boy's Hilarious Reaction To Dad's Driving (Video)


This boy's reaction to his dad's crazy driving is a scream - literally.

Strapped into the seat alongside his father, the four-year-old yells his lungs out as his mischievous dad puts his foot down and spins the steering wheel back and forth to send the car hurtling around a race track in a manoeuvre called 'drifting'.

But before you jump on the dad for being irresponsible – the boy is having a fantastic time and he is perfectly safe!

For the driver of the car is Anton Avdeyev, from Kazakhstan, otherwise known as the 'coolest dad in the world' because of his exploits on the drift-driving circuit.

And his son is little Timofey, who apparently likes nothing more than being taken for a spin!

Anton uploaded a video showing his son's wide-eyed reaction and wrote alongside: "The action takes place on a special secure closed track with no other cars."

And to prove Timofey was really enjoying himself, as the Subaru comes to a halt he gives his dad a thumbs up, along with a big smile and a high-five.

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The minute-long video is a follow-up to one made last year by Anton with his son, which was viewed nearly one million times.

However, there are mixed reactions to the video, with some claiming Anton is the most amazing dad ever, while others question his decision to take his son race driving.

A user referring to himself as SuperNuclearDeath wrote: "Both stupid and awesome at the same time!"

Another commenter Quazacolt added: "Your kid finally understood fear it seems :P. Nonetheless he still loves it from what i can tell... must be nice to have free "roller coaster" rides all the time ;)"

According to the blog Driftworks, drifting is 'a driving style in which the driver uses throttle, brakes, clutch, gear shifting and steering input to keep the car in a condition of oversteer while manoeuvring from turn to turn'.

Just don't try it on the journey to work!