Chinese Man Buys 99 iPhone 6s To Propose To Girlfriend - She Turns Him Down


A Chinese man spent more than £50,000 on iPhone 6s to propose to his girlfriend, only to be coldly rejected.

According to reports, the man, who works as a programmer, arranged 99 iPhone 6s in a heart shape outside their workplace. And, bouquet in hand, asked for her hand in marriage.

But, sadly, his girlfriend turned him down. Clearly, she's more of an Android fan.

The couple were surrounded by work colleagues, who promptly shared the rejection on Chinese social media site Weibo - because the internet is a cruel, cruel place.

The bizarre romantic proposal took place on China's 'Single's Day', the country's biggest online shopping spree where singletons reward or treat themselves for being single - think of it as a mixture between Black Friday and anti-Valentine's Day.

Let's just hope he has a receipt for all those iPhones...