Diamonds Made From Peanut Butter

Dan Frost is a geophysicist with a very particular party trick: he can create diamonds from peanut butter.

It's a messy process mind and one that can take weeks but lo and behold, with enough pressure and the right equipment he'll turn your sandwich spread into a girl's best friend.

Why is he doing this? Well aside from it being at the behest of a German TV show, Frost is doing it to better understand what's actually hiding at the Earth's core.

Along the way he's discovering that diamonds could well be one of the causes for life on Earth. As the oceans stripped the air of CO2, it was then pulled down into the rocks where iron would suck all the oxygen out of the equation.

Would you'd be left with then is a whole lot of carbon and even more pressure which in turn would create huge swatches of diamonds.

Frost believes that these diamonds could be responsible for helping to cool down the Earth's surface, eventually allowing life to exist.