This Is The First Photograph Ever Taken Of A Human Being

Kim Kardashian may have just 'broken the internet' with a photo.

But it's nothing compared to breaking the world.

Thanks to Twitter and Business Insider, we've just been reminded that at some point in history somebody took the first photograph of humans. And it turns out that we know exactly when that was.

'Boulevard du Temple' is the name of the first ever photograph known to include humans.

Taken in late 1838 by Louis Daguerre in Paris, the photograph had an exposure time of at least 10 minutes - and so while the street was quite busy, virtually no people stayed around long enough to be captured.

The exception was apparently two men in the lower left corner, one of whom was polishing the other's boots.

Incidentally, while the result of the process was a familiar-looking photograph, the act of making a "Daguerreotype" was quite different to snapping a Kodak camera, let alone an Instagram. The plate was made by exposing a silver-plated copper sheet to the vapour made by iodine crystals. The latent image was developed using the vapour given off by heated mercury.

The result was an image that was both reversed, and had to be lit at a certain angle so that the smooth parts of the mirror-like picture reflected something dark. The process was still in use by the 1860s, but it was eventually replaced by newer forms of more advanced photography.

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