'I'm A Celebrity' 2014: 'TOWIE' Star Gemma Collins Wants To 'Lose Weight' In The Jungle

Gemma Shocked To Discover The Jungle Is A Mars Bar-Free Zone

Gemma Collins has admitted that she’s “petrified” of going into the ‘I’m A Celebrity’ jungle, but says she’s looking forward to potentially losing weight during her time on the show.


The ‘TOWIE’ cast member - who has now landed in Australia ahead of this year’s launch - reckons she’s scared of “every single creepy crawly going” and has “only got to see an animal on TV” to start screaming.

However, Gemma claims there is one aspect of the ‘I’m A Celeb’ experience that she’s looking forward to, saying: “The one good thing about going in the jungle is I will hopefully lose some weight!"

Gemma Collins

She has also revealed that she initially didn’t realise how intense her stay in the jungle was going to be, claiming she thought producers might even slip them some food when the cameras weren’t rolling.

Gemma explains: “I am dreading being hungry too. When they said you would be starving, I thought it was a joke. I thought they would give you a can of Diet Coke or a mini Mars bar to keep the sugar up but they don’t.”

Afraid not, Gemma. The producers are, quite literally, not giving you any of their candy.

And while former ‘TOWIE’ stars Mark Wright and Joey Essex both quit the docusoap before they headed Down Under, GC insists that she’ll be back causing more drama in Essex next series.

She adds: “I am missing the Christmas special but I will be back. I am not leaving ‘TOWIE’ and when everyone finds out, I know they will be pleased for me. We are all very supportive of each other.

“I do hope people see a different side to me. This is a chance for me to be me. I am not 100 percent confident and I think sometimes people think of me as a crazy, shouty woman!”

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