12/11/2014 05:34 GMT | Updated 20/05/2015 06:12 BST

Romeo Beckham, 12, Described As 'Fit' And 'Hot'


Women who described 12-year-old Romeo Beckham as 'fit' and 'hot' in his Burberry modelling photos have been attacked by shocked Twitter users.

Earlier this week, David and Victoria Beckham's second son was widely praised for his acting and charisma as he played Cupid in the fashion brand's new ad campaign.

But his poses in a raincoat and scarf sparked compliments of a more controversial kind.

One woman Tweeter wrote: "Romeo Beckham you are like 10 and so hot."

Another woman tweeted: "When Romeo Beckham reaches legal age I'll be in my perfect cougar age. Just saying."

The messages so appalled Stinson Hunter- star of Channel 4 documentary 'The Paedophile Hunter'- that he brought them to the attention of his 65,000 Twitter followers.

He re-tweeted the messages before writing: "Shocked at how many people think it's ok for women to call a child 'Hot' or a variation of similar things. Really shocking attitudes."

Stinson then added: "I've seen some shocking comments about that Beckham kid - grown women saying he's 'fit' sort your heads out - he's ten for God sakes."

TOWIE star Maria Fowler also tweeted about a double standard between men and women.

Stinson's followers inundated him with responses, with one Twitter user writing: "Man or woman, saying a child is hot is wrong. Just because you're a woman, its no diff than a man saying that (sic)."

Another tweeted: "If this was a man it would be a different story."

And another wrote: "The point is, man or woman, an ADULT was sexualising a CHILD. Whatever the gender, that is disturbing on every level."

A male Tweeter added: "If I wrote that about a 10 year old girl, there'd be murder on."