What Does A Comet Sound Like? This.

Rosetta Has Already Taught Us Some Amazing Things About The Universe

You may never have wondered what a comet 'sounds' like. In fact, given the lack of air in space, that question is a bit like asking what a penguin melts like or what a the concept of love smells like.

Still, ESA's Rosetta space craft is an amazing things. We already know what it looks like, and what it smells like. And that's before the attempted landing on Comet 67P's surface.

Now we know what sound it makes too:

Officials have used "oscillations in the magnetic field in the comet's environment" to produce a strange, echoey sound that they are calling the comet's song.

Technically the oscillation is many thousands of times too low in frequency for us to hear - even if there was air around the comet, which there isn't. Still, neat right?


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