13/11/2014 10:31 GMT | Updated 20/05/2015 10:12 BST

Council Orders Mum To Remove Garden Swing - Because It Doesn't Have Planning Permission


A mum has been ordered to remove her daughter's garden swing – because it doesn't have planning permission.

A neighbour complained to Woking Borough Council and it decided the swing was a 'development' because it's fixed to the ground in the front garden.

Perplexed mum
Deborah Kandlekar told her local paper: "I think it's ridiculous and it's like they are being anti-children and anti-families.

"The rear of the property has no grass, it's staggered, it's got steps. The floor is covered with tiled slabs and it is not practical for a swing."

The swing is used by her eight-year-old daughter Jasmine, who has special needs.

Deborah said: "She needs to be active. She needs somewhere to play outside.

"There was ground pegs with postcrete [a blend of selected sand, cement and additives for fixing posts] in place but it can be broken up with a spade and no one can even see it. It's been outside for one year and now it's fixed with nothing."

She was supported by local councillor Liam Lyons, who told a council meeting discussing an enforcement action: "What we are talking about is a child's swing bought from Argos and as I understand it where it has been put would not constitute development if it had not been fixed in the ground with small cement footings, which is something the safety note which comes with the project advises to do."

He added: "I believe something as innocent as a child's swing is not out of keeping with the street scene, but is in fact the thing we should be seeing in a pleasant family orientated residential community."

However, another councillor, Saj Hussain, said: "You have got a swing today, a slide tomorrow and roundabout the day after. We need to take officers' advice."

The enforcement action was granted by six councillors and Deborah now has a month to remove the swing.

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