Google Nexus 6 Video Review

The Google Nexus 6 might have been unveiled weeks ago but it's still surprisingly elusive to find in the UK.

With the promise that we'll have review units soon stay tuned for our full review of Google's largest phone ever.

For now though our friends over at Engadget US were able to get some serious hands-on time with the 'phablet' and here are their impressions.

Overall conclusions? It's big, beautiful and seriously powerful. What they do point out though is that for the Nexus 6 to work, you'll need to be firmly in the crowd of people that don't think of 'phablet' as a dirty word.

This isn't helped by the software either which although pretty, is not particularly well designed for one-handed operation.

To be sure though, check back in a few days where this will have become the full shiny review of the Nexus 6 including our definitive verdict on whether Google's decision to go big has paid off.