Armoured Car CEO Tests Vehicle By Being Shot At With An AK-47

Bulletproof Car CEO Tests His Work In The Most Extreme Way Possible

Trent Kimball is a man that trusts his armoured cars, and why shouldn't he, he's asking customers every day to trust that if they get shot at, his vehicle will protect them.

He trusts them so much in fact that to prove it, he sat inside one of his company's new Mercedes Benz SUVs and then asked to be shot at.

Now that in itself requires some guts, but not only did he ask to be shot at, he specifically made sure it was an AK-47, a terrifyingly powerful weapon that in the hands of almost anyone, is deadly.

It's an incredible video, not just for the fact that had it gone wrong, Kimball would have been very dead. Texas Armoring Corporation better start hiring more staff because after that video it'll be tough to doubt their claims.

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