9 Most Common Sex Problems According To Experts

9 Most Common Sex Problems According To Experts

When it comes to sex, there are those who talk about what goes on in the bedroom and those who *definitely* don't.

But it's talking about our sexperiences (we've coined the term) that helps us overcome the problems that may or may not arise.


Thankfully, Huffington Post Stylehasconsulted a group of sex therapists and specialists to identify the most common sexual problems that couples face, and FYI there are nine that come up most frequently.

Here's what the experts had to say on each...

1. No time for sex

"'No time for sex' is the most common problem I hear in my psychotherapy practice," said Cathy Beaton, M.S., NCPsyA.

"Couples who present this problem often have relationships characterised by more complex emotional and physical sexual disorders, like lack of desire, erectile dysfunction, painful intercourse, negative body image, premature ejaculation and interpersonal conflict."

2. Mismatched sexual desire

"The most common sex problem I see is lack of sexual desire, and I particularly see this with couples, where one person has much higher sexual drive or desire than the other partner," Michael Aaron, PhD revealed.

"Often, the sexual problem is caused by relational issues - feelings of anger, resentment, betrayal and so on - that need to first be resolved before the sexual issues can be addressed".


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