What Your Smartphone Says About You, According To YouGov's Hilarious Poll Toll

Most polls about what your smartphone 'says about you' are completely boring.

But most polls of these types don't also include hilarious drawings of what people with different mobile phones actually look like.

We're still digesting the results, but here is a first-run look at the genius contained within YouGov Profile's vast database of information.

The findings, it is already clear, are hilarious.* Among them? If you own an Xperia Z1, you are a communist. If you like Huawei you are a flatcap-wearing grandpa from Scotland. And if you own an iPhone 5S, you work at Foxtons in London and everyone hates you.

*And problematic. As will be clear when going through this, the sample size for various elements of this are woefully small. The BlackBerry Z10 profile, for instance, was drawn from just 25 people -- perhaps leading to the humour contained within. Bear that in mind before trading in your Nexus.

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