10 Best Tablets You Can Buy In 2015

10 Best Tablets You Can Buy In 2015

So you're looking for a new tablet? Good timing. There's never been a better moment.

Not just because the range of available tablets is more awesome than ever, with specs, prices and services all increasingly competitive.

Whilst it's undeniable just how popular the iPad Air and iPad Mini Retina are as tablets, the competition have been biding their time and are ready to fight back.

Remember Nokia? Well they've risen from the ashes with the Nokia N1 Android tablet that takes some seriously familiar styling and blends it with their own take on Android Lollipop. It's powerful, good-looking and best of all it looks set to cost around the same as Tesco's popular Hudl.

Whether it's Samsung's new Galaxy Tab S range with their incredible 2560x1600 Super AMOLED displays or the Microsoft Surface Pro 3 which is looking to beat both the iPad Air and the Apple MacBook Air -- no mean feat we think you'll agree.

Whether it's the Google Nexus 7 (2013) and its amazingly sharp and detailed screen, to Amazon's media-focused Kindle Fire HDX devices - or even the new, low-cost Tesco Hudl - there's something for everyone this year in the tablet market.

Take a look below at our choices, and let us know if we've missed anything in the comments.


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