18/11/2014 16:33 GMT | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Cyber Bullying: How To Help Children Stay Safe Online

Cyber bullying: How to help children stay safe online

Here are tips to help protect children and teenagers from cyber bullying and help them stay safe online:

1. Save and print out any bullying messages, posts, pictures or videos you receive. Make a note of the dates and times, along with any details you have about the sender's ID and the URL.

2. Always report anything abusive you see online to the site concerned. Flag it, report it, or talk to someone about it.

3. Never respond or retaliate, as this can just make things worse. Instead, block any users that send you nasty messages.

4. Think very carefully before posting photos of yourself online. Remember that once your picture is online, anyone can download it and share it or even change it.

5. And lastly, don't pass on cyber bullying videos or messages about other people. Don't just ignore it. If you see cyberbullying going on, report it and offer your support.