Myleene Klass Isn't The Only One Who Can Upstage A Politician

8 People Beating Politicians At Their Own Game

The furore over Myleene Klass' attack on Ed Miliband last night perfectly highlights how we, as a nation, love to see a politician being out-argued by a non-politician.

From the average person on the street up to the country's most famous journalists or former pop stars, we just love to see an MP get a good old ribbing. So much, in fact, that nobody seems to have picked up on Ed wanting Kim Kardashian to help him with his photo ops. This would normally be a field day for amateur Photoshoppers and tabloid Picture Desk jockeys alike, but instead we're all watching a former Hear'say singer launching a ruthless and hilarious attack on the Leader of the Labour Party.

So, for your viewing pleasure, we've thrown together a few of the best examples of people ripping politicians apart, from the hilarious to the downright mean.

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