Russian Kids Train Surfing Resurfaces Following US Teen Death

A famous video of Russian kids train surfing has once again risen to the surface of the internet following the death of 21 year old Brian McClellen who died earlier this month after 'train surfing'.

The video is a terrifying reminder of what both kids and adults are capable of if just to become a short-lived internet sensation.

While the fame is short-lived the consequences of their actions are permanent as Brian McClellen sadly discovered when he decided to go train surfing in early November 2014.

While riding the Metro-North train in Connecticut McClellen was electrocuted by a mechanical arm on the train instantly causing his body to combust.

Incredibly, he was still alive when the paramedics finally discovered him but with burns to over 85 per cent of his body McClellen died shortly afterwards.

It is then nothing short of a miracle that when that video of those Russian kids first appeared two years ago it didn't have a very different ending.