WIN An Xbox And Media Keyboard Package Worth £500 With Microsoft PC Accessories

WIN An Xbox And Media Keyboard Package Worth £500 With Microsoft PC Accessories

We’ve all been there; the nights have well and truly drawn in, that late-night trip to the library is looking less and less appealing, and heading out to the cinema couldn’t be further from the perfect date.

Thankfully, however, Microsoft is offering one lucky winner the chance to take home the ultimate night-in bundle, so you can sit back and relax from the comfort of your living room.

Packaging together Microsoft’s brand new All-in-One Media Keyboard with an Xbox One and a variety of films, games and snacks, the prize offers everything you’ll need to work hard and play hard through the cold winter months.

The All-in-One Media Keyboard has an integrated trackpad, so you can click, swipe, drag and drop your way through real work on your PC. Plus, its full-size keyset is compatible with your HID Smart TV, meaning you can sit back and search your way through the latest Netflix box-set with ease.

Add to that a brand new Xbox One, the most powerful entertainment system from Microsoft ever, plus the latest game and a pile of DVDs, and you can be sure not to waste a moment of downtime between essays. The All-in-One Media Keyboard also works with the console, allowing you to dive right in to the multi-player world of Xbox Live by sending messages and naming your best loadouts with ease.

We’ll even throw in a ton of snacks for you and your mates, so you can be sure to have the ultimate night in with Microsoft.

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