'The Daily Show' Host Jon Stewart Tells Guest Benedict Cumberbatch, 'I Want To Rip Your Clothes Off' (CLIP)

We already knew that Benedict Cumberbatch has got legions of fans all of a flutter - but now his unique appeal seems to have unsettled even the usually cucumber-cool Jon Stewart.

Benedict Cumberbatch gets a strange offer from Jon Stewart

Tonight sees the host of 'The Daily Show' welcoming 'The Imitation Game' star to his studio, and the first thing he says to him is, "I have a lot of guests on the show, you're the first guest where … I want to rip your clothes off and sell it on Ebay."

WATCH Benedict Cumberbatch charm the cockles off Jon Stewart in our clip above

Cumberbatch takes the comments in good grace, as Stewart explains he regularly hosts A-listers and heads of state on 'The Daily Show', but never before has he been quite so taken. Benedict’s oiled-up backside even gets a mention...

Stewart goes on to state that Benedict must get “the shrieking, the clapping, the jumping” a lot, with Cumberbatch revealing, "It doesn’t ever normalise, it’s wonderful but very strange.”

Cumberbatch is on the show to promote his portrayal of Alan Turing in 'The Imitation Game', referring to Turing as a war hero and under-appreciated genius who was ultimately betrayed by his country.

Benedict has made his first public appearance alongside his new fiancee Sophie Turner, after the news of his engagement was revealed a fortnight ago. When his fans reacted with typical horror, the 'Sherlock' star told them, "Do not fret. Your ovaries do still have use, let me tell you!"

The Daily Show on Comedy Central Extra at 00.25am

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