Dad's Hilarious Confrontation With Paint-Covered Toddlers (Video)

A dad catches his little boys after a paint rampage in this hilarious and cute video, and he can't help laughing at their attempts to explain themselves.

The unnamed dad filmed the guilty pair, who are covered head-to-toe in green and red paint, as he tried to get to the bottom of why exactly they thought this was a good idea - and their response is priceless!

We don't know what we love the most here, little brother's unswerving loyalty to his sibling's version of events, or the way big brother is consistently willing to sell him down the river - even claiming that he was able to set up to block stairs to get at the paint cupboard.

And later, when dad asks who's going to clean up all the mess, the older boy tilts his head oh-so-subtly towards the little sibling he intends to use as a scapegoat with an expression which says 'Look, dad, what say we settle this between ourselves?"

The younger lad can only look on in disbelief, but, clearly out of his depth, he has no choice but to follow the leader and copy his brother's movements as closely as possible, nodding and shaking his head in perfect unison and even echoing his words under his breath.

And any parents of two or more kids will be familiar with the glance the little boy shoots the older one before answering any of their dad's questions.

"I don't think this is funny at all," dad tries to warn sternly - although his sniggering sort of undermines him.

Sometimes, you've just got to laugh!

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