Rik Mayall Made Video Game Adverts For Nintendo In The 1990s. They Were Perfect.

Rik Mayall Made Adverts For Nintendo In The 90s, And They Were Perfect

As is well known by anyone who has ever watched a significant British sitcom recorded since 1980, Rik Mayall was a genius. Sadly he died earlier this year, but his work lives on in the hearts and minds of comedy fans everywhere.

And also, as it turns out, YouTube.

Earlier today we rediscovered the fact that back in the early 1990s Rik Mayall once made a series of patently absurd, but utterly brilliant adverts for Nintendo around the time that the Sega Wars were raging in the playgrounds of schoolchildren everywhere.

A quick watch proved to us that what in other hands would have been a cynical cash grab was transformed by Mayall into something far, far funnier.

Do yourself a favour, and before the Christmas games advert rush begins again, take a moment and behold the greatest video games advertising strategy of all time. And even if you don't like games, watch them anyway. Because Rik Mayall was wonderful, and we miss him.


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