This Is The Moment International Nail Queen Snaps Her 23-inch Fingernail

The proud owner of the world's longest fingernails suffered a devastating and slightly embarrassing bit of bad luck during an appearance in London.

Ayanna Williams was showing off her talons at Ripley's Believe It Or Not when, sadly, one of the 23-inch monsters snapped within seconds of her taking to the stage.

The Texan mum-of-five spends 20 hours a week manicuring and maintaining the extremities, which grow 1.5 inches per year. She used to have five-inch toenails to match, but trimmed them before her trip to the UK.

When asked about the difficulties of such long fingernails, Williams said: "The only thing I can’t do is wash dishes or clothes – the sink is too small! I can’t pick coins off the floor, or pay for anything with coins actually – I only pay for things in notes! I have to make sure my nails don’t catch on anything, that can be really painful. They’re handy if I need to scratch my back though!"

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