New Dad Tries To Pick Up His Wife's Nurse On Craigslist

During a hospital visit, a man meets a beautiful nurse and is immediately smitten. Although their time together is only fleeting, he vows to find her again using the power of the internet. Cute, right?

There's just one thing wrong. The man in question was at the hospital with his wife. Who was giving birth to their baby! Who was being delivered by the sexy nurse! OK, so, three things wrong...

We've seen some shockers in our time, but for sheer brass neck we reckon you can't beat this new dad, who took to the web to let his wife's labour nurse know that just because he was married and a new father, that didn't mean he wasn't available.

The jaw-dropping message appeared on the 'Missed Connections' section of Craigslist, which helps people reunite with strangers with whom they have had a brief but romantically intriguing encounter.

His ad recounts how eyes met over a crowded delivery room and an instant connection was formed (or so he imagines).

With bewildering nonchalance, the unnamed man suggests that perhaps they could get together sometime. He helpfully adds that he'll be back at the hospital the next day, presumably hoping to kill two birds with one stone by visiting his newborn baby and hooking up with his wife's nurse at the same time.

The full ad reads:

'This is probably a long shot but you were the nurse taking care of my wife while she was having our baby. I enjoyed our eye contact and would really like to talk to you more. Maybe tomorrow I will be there most of the day and I will bump in to you in the hall way or see you at the nurse station.'

Of course, the internet is a strange place at the best of times, and Craigslist is no stranger to fraudsters, trolls and jokers. Fingers crossed this is only a prank, or else we may have found the world's biggest sleazeball.