Panda Playing In The Snow Is Having The Time Of His Life

In the wild Panda's live n temperate, wet forests but this video proves they'd have much more fun elsewhere.

Da Mao is a resident of Toronto Zoo where it's a little colder and snow is often a feature.

And the six-year-old giant panda absolutely loves it.

The zoo said: "During today's snowfall, our cameras caught giant panda Da Mao 'bear-bogganing' in his outdoor exhibit. Perhaps he's discovered a new winter sport?"

He 's also quite industrious in the snow.

“He loves the snow even more when it’s fresh and it’s actually snowing,” Maria Franke, the zoo’s curator of mammals, told the Toronto Star last year. “He makes his own luge track, his own toboggan hill. He should be in the Olympics.”

What a star.

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