Pregnant And Weightlifting: Mum-To-Be Lifts Weights On Her Due Date

Think back to your due date – what were you doing?

Whatever it was, we bet it doesn't quite compare to this mum-to-be, who, as usual, was in the gym weightlifting, as these incredible photos show.

Crossfit fan Blake Lindsley, 40, from LA, has been hitting the weights for five years, and hasn't let a little thing like a nine month baby bump stop her doing what she loves.

Blake, who is about to give birth to her second child (her son is about to turn three), also worked out during her first pregnancy, but took it easy compared to her usual workouts.

But after what she describes as the 'ease' of her first birth, she stepped up her fitness routine for her second pregnancy.

Blake, an actress, said: "During my first pregnancy I modified the workouts and weights out of an abundance of caution. But after the ease of my first delivery, this time I felt very strong and confident about pursuing a more rigorous training regime.

"While I was careful not to push my heart rate to extremes or do anything uncomfortable like sit ups, I actually improved my strength during the course of this pregnancy. My front squat PR went up by 20 pounds, my back squat by 15 and my deadlift also went up by 15 pounds!

"Today, a day after my due date, I feel healthy, strong and comfortable. I'm not in any rush to get this baby out, though I know the placenta does have a certain shelf life.

"My doctor has been very supportive of my fitness routine during both pregnancies. He was very pleased with my limited weight gain both times and the speed and ease with which I gave birth, with no drugs, the first time.


While I am sure he would give different advice to someone in a high risk pregnancy, he gave me no limits to what I can do. He only recommended that I not push my heart rate to extremes and that I listen to my body.


"Some pregnant women produce a lot of the hormone relaxin which can make them prone to injury but that hasn't been my experience. I have never injured myself in over five years of Crossfit training.

"You can call me lucky or chalk it up to the great trainers at Crossfit Hollywood. I prefer to do the latter."

Blake added that her husband, film producer Stephen Nemeth, is very supportive of her workouts, and neither of them have had concerns about sticking to the regime during pregnancy.

"If I felt uncomfortable or weak in any way I would stop what I was doing immediately. My first advice to pregnant women interested in exercising while pregnant is to listen to their bodies.

"My husband is very supportive of me. He doesn't do Crossfit, so like many other people when he sees pictures of me lifting weights while pregnant it makes him a little nervous. But he sees the evidence that it works.

"My first labour was only two and a half hours. In both pregnancies I only gained 20 pounds and have had no side effects of pregnancy other than a growing, healthy, thriving baby inside of me.

"I completely understand why people who don't know me or my situation might be concerned for the welfare of an innocent baby. But I know my body and my limits and I have never placed myself or my child in danger while doing Crossfit.

"I am also a competitive horseback rider but I stopped riding in the first trimester of both pregnancies because there are so many uncontrollable variables in the equestrian sport.


​With CrossFit, I know what I am doing and it is only making me stronger and fitter for an easy birth and recovery and strengthening my baby in preparation for life outside the womb.


"Driving a car while pregnant or crossing the street is far more dangerous than what I am doing at the gym. On the contrary, what I am doing has allowed me to have a complication free, energy filled pregnancy. I have no varicose veins or swelling. I feel great.

"I'm not trying to prove anything to anybody. I do Crossfit because I love it and it makes me feel great. It did nothing but help me during both pregnancies. I have a healthy, beautiful son and am looking forward to delivering a healthy, beautiful daughter in the coming days."

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