These Men Want To Biohack Women's Vaginas So They Smell Like Peaches. Literally.

Two men have unveiled a nightmarish plan for 'probiotic supplements' that will 'enable' women to 'biohack' their genitals into smelling like peaches.

(In case you're thinking that this is some ludicrous joke then we're sadly here to tell you otherwise. The utterly ridiculous plan was revealed by Austen Heinz and Gilad Gome at the DEMO Conference in San Jose, California.)

Despite the fact that they're both MEN, the pair have taken it upon themselves to change the way women's vaginas smell.

Sweet Peach works, the team says, by hacking the microbiome, a process that has landed the company a ban from Kickstarter after it was ruled as being 'too controversial'.

Heinz (founder of Cambrian Genomics) and Gome (Personalized Probiotics) will work together on the product, using the laser DNA printing of the former and the bio-chemistry of the latter.

According to the pair the plan is actually a noble one as Sweet Peach is about healthcare as much as it is empowerment:

"The idea is personal empowerment, all your smells are not human. They're produced by the creatures that live on you."

They also suggest the tech could be used to make dogs' feces smell like "bananas". You know, so kids don't learn to avoid it like they should.

"We think it's a fundamental human right to not only know your code and the code of the things that live on you but also to rewrite that code and personalize it,"