21/11/2014 06:43 GMT | Updated 20/05/2015 06:12 BST

Duchess Of Cambridge Naked Pregnancy Picture


A picture of the pregnant Duchess of Cambridge posing naked with nothing more than her hands covering her modesty is on display in London.

The picture shows Kate recreating the iconic pose made famous by Demi Moore when she was photographed nude and heavily pregnant for the front cover of Vanity Fair magazine in 1991.

Kate has announced that her second baby isn't due until April 2015, but in the picture her bump looks rather larger than you'd expect for someone who is four months pregnant and who still looks decidedly slim in clothed photographs - prompting the question has she got some seriously hard working maternity spanx?!

Well probably not actually, as the picture in question isn't a photograph but a work of graffiti created by an elusive 29-year-old graffiti artist called Pegasus.


No explanation has yet been given for the Game of Thrones logo at the bottom of the piece.

The day after the piece was completed, a spokesperson for the Faith Inc Gallery in Islington, north London, on whose wall the image has been painted told the Metro: "I've already had two offers to buy it prised off the wall, which isn't possible anyway."

We're hoping the offers have been outbid by the Queen so Kate's picture can claim its rightful place among the other portraits of royal family.

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