The Half-A-Teapot Is The Perfect Teapot

This Teapot Is Everything That's Right With The World

Why is it that the teapot almost always has to come in one size, and that size is for two. It's a visual hint that either you don't drink enough caffeine or that you need to find yourself a husband/wife.

What if for once, you'd like just one cup of perfectly brewed tea? Coffee drinkers are given a guilt-free option in the form of the one cup cafetiere and honestly, it just doesn't seem fair.

Well thankfully the worlds of 3D modelling and modern design have combined to create this, it's called 'tea for one', it's designed by Richard Hutten and It's perfect.

Not only does it look great but it has just the right amount of space for one cup, that's right, just one. It's also inspired by the 'Utah' design, a classic teapot that you'll find as the poster boy for 3D modelling software the world over.


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