One Direction's 'Night Changes' Music Video: Let Harry Styles And The Boys Take You On A String Of Dodgy Dates... (PICS, VIDEO)

Let 1D Take You On A String Of Dodgy Dates

If you’ve ever wanted One Direction to take you on a date then you’re in luck (sort of), thanks to their new music video for ‘Night Changes’.

In the space of four minutes, the group’s music video lets you experience what it would be like for all five members of the boyband to woo you - now that’s speed dating we can get behind, and we don’t have to go to a dusty old village hall to enjoy it.

Zayn Malik

Zayn Malik kicks things off, taking us on a romantic meal to be wined and dined, while looking rather suave (y’know… from the neck down that is) in a black suit.

We can’t get too comfortable, though, because Liam Payne then takes over, for a date set at a fairground, where he practically force-feeds us a toffee apple and gives us his scarf in some incredibly cringey scenes.

Liam, slightly menacingly, offers the viewer his scarf in the 'Night Changes' video

At this point we’re left wondering if a taxi can pick us up and take us back to the restaurant where Zayn is… but luckily our night in shining (well, tweed) armour, Harry Styles arrives to pick up the mood again for a spot of ice-skating.

Too bad they’ve stopped making ‘Dancing On Ice’ or his post-1D career would be set - his moves on the ice are pretty impressive.

Torvill & Dean & Styles has a ring to it

After that we get to go on a drive with Louis Tomlinson and enjoy a cosy night in with Niall Horan, drinking sangria and playing Monopoly which only goes to prove that Niall has never played a board game with us before… we get verrrrry competitive, and that does not make for a romantic night at all.

Louis Tomlinson

Of course, this being a One Direction video, things don’t stay romantic for long, as you’ll see when you watch the video for yourself. We won’t spoil it for you, but you can expect emergency services, vomit and someone setting their arms on fire.

Niall Horan

Is it wrong that after all that we’d still be up for a second date..?

We have to admit, though, if this was speed-dating we'd definitely be giving Harry a call back - fractured elbow or no fractured elbow.

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