24/11/2014 09:50 GMT | Updated 20/05/2015 06:12 BST

Shops Use 'The Skinny Mirror' To Make You Look Thinner

The Skinny Mirror is actually a thing and it can make you look 5 - 10 pounds thinner.

Is this pure genius or the ultimate optical illusion?

The design of these skinny-making mirrors (aka "confidence/weight loss mirrors") feature curved glass to give a consistently flattering reflection.

According to the US brand's website, "The Skinny Mirror provides you a slightly taller and slimmer reflection of you. The Skinny Mirror boosts confidence and self-image".

Manufacturer Offers 'Skinny Mirrors' to Clothing Retailers

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The concept here being that "Visualising yourself thin" will help to "lose the weight faster (and healthier) than any diet, drug, or cleanse you could ever do".


As far as body confidence goes, we're all for it - but there's something about The Skinny Mirror that just feels like it's cheating because the reflection you're seeing IS NOT REAL.

Unsurprisingly, they are being bought up by small boutiques with a view to please customers trying on in-store. The better the dress looks on, the more it sells - right? Clever.

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Like all those quick-win fad diets, isn't this just blurring the lines between the healthy, balanced and realistic?

We can't deny that gazing into a mirror that is super-flattering makes us feel good, but knowing it has been designed to hide the actual truth? We'd rather see a true reflection.

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